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We are making our first non-founder hire!  Please contact us at gina [at] judgeresearch [dot] co if the position is of interest.  Please check back here as we add new job posts.  

We are building a statistical protocol for a decentralized systematic fund. Quant funds use our API to submit features and algorithms, our AI assembles them into forecasts, and our OMS will execute systematic strategies based on those forecasts.  This document from our seed round explains more.

Our initial focus is on intraday forecasts of crypto assets, but the system we have built does better as we expand across asset classes.

Us:  The cofounders are two PhDs from the same grad program.  Both are research methodologists.  One is a political economist who has worked in crypto for the past six years.  The other is an Assistant Professor at Princeton, teaching in the Politics Department and affiliated faculty with Princeton’s Center for Statistics and Machine Learning.  

The network of devs working on various parts of the ecosystem have generally spent 7+ years at prominent hedge funds and banks or had successful fintech exits.  Our angel investors and advisors are well-respected leaders in Silicon Valley, crypto, and traditional finance.  

What you’ll be doing:   We have spent two years designing and building a research environment that makes a quant dev’s work exceptionally efficient, scalable, and cumulative.  You will be part of a team focused on feature engineering and the data systems that support it.  Your input into company-wide decisions will be valued.

You: The preferred applicant should have 5+ years’ experience in highly professional environments building systematic strategies and engineering systems to support them.  The more your work has taken you out beyond hold times of a few minutes, and has focused on crypto markets, the better.

This position is meant for someone who has already been very successful as a quant dev and would now like to leave his or her mark on the industry with ambitious, truly fascinating work.  A PhD is preferred.

Compensation and benefits:  As the first non-founding employee of a novel DeFi project & systematic fund built to scale rapidly, the realistic potential upside during your first 12 - 18 months is likely greater than any position you are considering.

The USD portion of your base salary will be in line with that of a tech startup. The token portion will give you a larger base salary, but we will not do an airdrop until we get regulatory approval, so of course there is risk there. You will receive a large portion of the employee equity and token pool.

You will be able to live anywhere and not have limits placed on your time off. That being said, you will have to spend a fair amount of time in either New York, Boston, Paris, or Singapore so that we get to know you and we all become real colleagues.

Keywords:  Systematic strategy, research, hedge fund, crypto, blockchain, algorithms, feature selection, engineering, C++, Python, R, Rust, Go, Solidity, forecasting, data science, time series econometrics, machine learning, software engineering, quantitative development, quant dev, AI, artificial intelligence, statistics

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